KEYBOX - SLOTinnovation for your keys....

In the times when sizes, forms, functions and technology have all merged, most personal devices are ever more beautiful, smaller, more powerful and lighter. In our daily lives,
without even thinking, we continue to carry our heavy, clinking, large and
impractical key chains. Now there is a solution for this inconvenience!

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Compact, stylish, convenient... 4 keys in 1 keyholder

Keybox SLOT is an alternative to the traditional key-holder. It optimizes one of the most important daily personal items we carry and unifies them in a single device.
Keybox SLOT has been specifically designated for our daily facilitation
in carrying and using keys. Up to 4 keys can be placed inside it!

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for the key-holder design ...KEYBOX - SLOT!

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It weighs a lot less than four traditional keys!



It fits comfortably in the fifth pocket in a single pair of jeans!



It accommodates all main types of keys, including the keys with high security level!